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A Dutch word meaning ‘Design’. OPZET® Solutions is a technology company enabling innovative design and system solutions for domain specific applications to deliver the best connected experience for operators, manufacturers, and consumers. The company is established in designing and manufacturing high end performance commercial solutions.

Mission is to bring the power of Technology to every business.

Highly experienced engineering team with very profound technical background in the field of technology stands out amongst others. This point of strength allows OPZET® to offer the best and most optimal in-house customized solutions and designs to customers so as to fulfill their requirements in the most economical manner.

We take pride in our values of pursuit of customer satisfaction, integrity, excellence and commitment and it is our privilege to provide high value, custom product development, engineering services, and manufacturing services using a combined onshore and offshore model that provides high quality, agility and low cost benefits for our clients.

Our Team has vast experience and domain expertise in hardware design, embedded product development, wireless and enterprise applications.

OPZET® has been committed since the very first day to produce only word-class products that meet or exceed the highest quality standards, and thus OPZET® has made it one of its imperatives and ethical obligation that quality will never whatsoever be compromised at all times and conditions.


The OPZET team aims to create odds following a unique methodology of research and design, giving us the distinctive reputation in AI & ML, Embedded Engineering , IoT Technology & Software Solutions.

Our History

History begins in 2012 with the foundation

Journey Begins

Technical Consulting & Freelancing Incorporationton to RoC as Private Company Limited by Shares(2014)


Technology Consultants

Started Edu-TECH Division EPSILON LABS

BPO & Travel Consultation

Launched OPZET BPO & 16kilometres.com



3dB Studio -Research & Development Wing of OPZET

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Why Choose Us

Reason for people choosing us

Global Experience

Ability to design and build up tasks involving work processes for desired outcomes

Value for Results

Opzet's R&D work is based on multidisciplinary knowledge, organizational flexibility and a close relationship with end-user needs.

High-Quality Results

Proficiency at thinking and coming up with solutions and responses beyond that which is role or rule based.